B&W Gift Caricature

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Bridal B&W Gift Caricature of girlfriends shopping at the Fort Worth Stockyards riding a longhorn steer! This was drawn from three separate photo’s of the girlfriends from their emailed photo’s.
3 Girlfriends B&W Caricature

Black & White Party Caricatures from a Dog Shelter

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These were fun to do, these volunteers work at a animal shelter in Cedar Hill, Duncanville, area. They were drawn with animal themes. Although, not drawn with the actual dogs, except for the baby raccoon who was drawn live with a handler, these great animal care givers were fun to visit with and

draw staff recognition live caricatures.

B&W party Caricatures3 B&W Party Caricatures2 B&W Party Caricatures1

Free Color Caricature Sample

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Free Color Caricature Sample1

A Free Color Caricature Sample for a recent Birthday party.

Superhero’s  are common requests for

little boy’s birthday parties.

Live Party Caricatures

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Brush, Floss & Smile

Brush, Floss & Smile

Wedding Courting To Proposal Cartoon

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D WeddingsJenifer's Wedding


This article is in the current issue of D Weddings,the 10th Anniversary Edition, a Dallas, TX wedding magazine!  The article is entitled Steal This Idea….., on page 111. Where Dallas newlyweds share the details that made their big day special. Jenni hired me to draw key events in her and her fiancee’s dating relationship.  I had drawn the couple at a party over a year ago. This is truly a very cool thing to see my work in the magazine, or any magazine for that matter!

The drawings made up a story book. On the cover, we put the drawing I had made of them a year ago at the party, then on the inside was the cartoons depicting the courtship ending with Robert’s proposal while flying over Dallas downtown in an airplane. On the back cover was a drawing I did of the couple in their wedding dress and tuxedo.  The whole process took about a week to turn around after getting the pictures and detailing out the scenes.

Courting to Proposal Wedding Booklet

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Jennifer's Courtship to Proposal


I just found out from a client I did a job for back in March, Jennifer, that my artwork that depicted her courtship and wedding proposal for featured in D Weddings Magazine out of Dallas. She is mailing me an extra copy of the magazine it appeared in, they also did a bio about this NEW wedding idea and my artwork. Very Exciting News!


My 2013 Summer Retail Location

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BLS Rain Forest set up

This summer I am drawing retail caricatures

at my location at the Grapevine Mills Mall,

in Grapevine, TX.  I am set up in front of the

Rain Forest Cafe, Monday thru Saturday we

are Open 11 am – 10 pm, and

Sundays from 11 am – 8 pm. Come out and

see us and get your Caricature drawn of the


Retirement Gift Caricature

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Chief of Dallas Police Retires!

Chief of Dallas Police Retires!

color gift caricature

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Color Gift Caricature Kathy  Color Art Stix and marker caricature drawn from digital photo!

Watercolor of an old House

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watercolor of old houseThis is a watercolor of an old house I painted in Waxahachie, TX. It sits just South of the Rogers Hotel a few blocks away on Kaufman Street. Its been looking like it has been for sale for awhile and likely has seen its last days, but it sits out on the corner of the street and was easily accessable for me to paint it.