Staff Recognition Caricature

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These Staff Recognition Caricatures are one of Blue Line Caricature’s most popular products that we get orders to complete. They are drawn from photo’s and descriptions provided by the employer.

St Eve EOM1St Eve EOM2

2014 Summer Retail Location In Grapevine, TX

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The 2014 Summer is in Full Swing and You can get Your Caricature drawn at our Grapevine, TX Location Open everyday thru the last week in August! Then, it’s back to weekends till the Thanksgiving Break & Holiday Season thru out December. We are located at the Grapevine Mills Mall, in front of the Rain Forest Cafe’s Gift shop & restaurant. Caricature’s in about 5 – 10 minutes!!!Live Retail Caricature RFC location

Free Color Caricature for Birthday Party

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This is a sample idea for a Free Color Caricature that is offered when booking a two hour or longer Birthday Party with Blue Line Caricature. You simply supply us with a photo of the birthday boy or girl, and include a theme or hobby interest description and we complete the caricature and put it into a classic black frame and bring it to the event that day! And Viola!  Often times the Birthday boy or girl is so busy running all around, jumping in the bounce house, or swimming, and playing with all their friends, that they forget to take time to sit for the caricature artist. This way they get a nice caricature to display in their room! Free Color Caricature for Birthday Party

Free Color Caricature Sample

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Free Color Caricature Sample1

A Free Color Caricature Sample for a recent Birthday party.

Superhero’s  are common requests for

little boy’s birthday parties.

Parents Anniversary Gift Caricature

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The color is applied with prisma stix.

Recent Color Stix Caricature

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Here is a recent example of my Markers/Color Stix technique.  Group caricatures can be drawn from your photo’s and combined into one Gift Caricature.